Detailed explanation of CNC six-sided drilling

 Now the six-sided drill is welcomed by more and more factories, and more and more users visit the factory. Driven by the improvement of the manufacturing level of furniture companies and the drive of Industry 4.0, the CNC six-sided drill has become a must for many furniture workers. sharp weapon!

1. The equipment adopts a special operating system for six-sided drilling.
2. The process is highly concentrated, and one clamping can complete the drilling of six sides of the workpiece and the grooving of the upper and lower sides of the workpiece.
3. The high-speed gripper structure reduces the number of gripper replacements and makes processing more efficient; automatically detects the relevant dimensions of the plate to prevent manual errors.
4. Automatically record all kinds of information to facilitate production management.
5. Open software docking interface, compatible with various docking formats.
6. The working table is filled with pneumatic floating balls, which makes it easy to move the board on the table without scratching the board. According to the user's production needs, different discharge methods can be selected (forward and forward, forward and backward), and automatic conveying rollers or side discharge can be selected, which is convenient for connection or multi-machine side by side production.

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